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             Gingko Biloba Extract

            Botanical Name: Gingko Biloba L.
            Part of the plant used: Leaf
            Appearance: Yellow brown Fine powder
            Active Ingredient: Flavone, Lactone
            Flavonoides/Lactone 24%/3%
            Flavonoides/Lactone 24%/6%
            Flavonoides/Lactone 24%/6%; Ginkgolic acid less than 5ppm
            Flavonoides/Lactone 24%/6%; Ginkgolic acid less than 1ppm
            1. Dilated blood vessels, vascular endothelial protection organizations;
            2. Regulating blood lipids;
            3. Protect low-density lipoprotein;
            4. Improved blood rheology;
            5. Inhibit PAF (platelet activating factor), the inhibition of thromboxane formation;
            6. Improve memory;
            7. Scavenging free radicals;
            8. Anti-hypoxia;
            9. Prevention artery spasm. 

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