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             Soybean Extract

            Latin Name: Glycine max (L.) Merr
            Specification: 10%~80% Isoflavone
            Test Method: HPLC
            Molecular Formula: C15 H10O4
            Molecular Weight: 254.23
            CAS No: 574-12-9
            Structural Formula:

            Function: It is regarded as plant estrogen, indicated in prevention and treatment of menopause syndrome,prostate cancer,breast cancer,heart disease,cardiovascular disease and osteteoporosis. The isoflavone genestein in particular appears to have a weak estrogenic effect.However,at higher concentrations and in different tissues, it selectively can have an anti-estrogenic effect. So, it can weakly bind to tissues that contain estrogen receptors. By doing so, it may be able to stimulate that estrogen receptor in a weak fashion compared to regular physiologic estrogen or estrogen replacement.

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