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             Mulberry leaf Extract

            Product Name: Mulberry leaf Extract
            Latin Name: Morus alba L.
            Appearance:Fine Light Yellow powder
            Part of the Plant Used:Leaf
            Extract Method: Grain Alcohol/Water
            Active Ingredients: 1-Deoxynojirimycin (1-DNJ)
            Specification: 1%-2% DNJ
            Functions and Applications:
            1.Mulberry leaf extract used to free radical scavenging activities;
            2.Mulberry leaf extract with the function of immune adjustment activities;
            3.Mulberry leaf extract own the effective of blood sugar lowering activities;
            4.Mulberry leaf extract used to weight loss activities by prevent absorption of glucose;
            5.Mulberry leaf extract has the useage of inhibiting activities against virus and tumor metastasis.

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